This dynamic and youth-driven initiative isn’t just about making a difference; it’s about creating a movement. Guided by the principles of civic engagement and transparency, the committee provides invaluable insight into board operations while adhering to standard procedures such as Robert’s Rules of Order.

Joining the Youth Giving Committee isn’t merely a commitment; it’s an immersive journey. Over the course of a year, members take on diverse roles ranging from president to treasurer, each contributing to the shared mission of fostering positive change. From organizing fundraising events to participating in civic projects and making donation recommendations, their tasks are as varied as they are impactful. With annual elections, monthly meetings, and opportunities to host community events like the Wardensville Garden Market’s Annual Farm 5K Run/Walk Benefit and the Wardensville Joy Fest, every moment presents a chance to make a lasting difference. Ready to be part of something extraordinary? Take your place in the journey of empowerment and change with the Youth Giving Committee!





Hutton, an integral member of Farms Work Wonders for eight months, also serves on the Youth Giving Committee, showcasing his passion for community service. Committed to preserving youth innocence and fostering personal development, Hutton creates a supportive environment for growth. Deeply invested in making a lasting impact, he seeks opportunities to engage with the community, aiming for positive change and a brighter future for local youth.

As President of the Youth Giving Committee, Hutton adeptly leads meetings with professionalism, adhering to Roberts’ Rules. Grateful for the opportunities provided by Farms Work Wonders, he remains dedicated to empowering youth and making a difference in the community, project by project.



Vice President

Kelly has been an active member of Farms Work Wonders for three years, contributing her time and expertise to various initiatives. Within the organization, she has recently taken on a role in the Youth Giving Committee, where her six months of service have already made a significant impact.

Deeply passionate about her involvement in the Youth Giving Committee, Kelly finds it a platform to enact meaningful change in the community, advocating for causes close to her heart while honing her leadership and philanthropic skills. Through the committee’s efforts, she witnesses firsthand the empowerment of young leaders and the tangible benefits they bring to the community, making her participation both fulfilling and rewarding.



Samara has been an active member of Farms Work Wonders for eight months, also serving on the Youth Giving Committee for six months, where she has found personal growth and cherished friendships.

Embracing her role within the committee, Samara not only values the rewarding experience of giving back to the community but also recognizes the platform it provides to inspire positive change and foster a culture of empathy and support. Witnessing the collective efforts of the committee members as they work towards their shared goals fills Samara with a profound sense of purpose, reinforcing her commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.




Madison has been an active member of Farms Work Wonders for eight months, dedicating herself to community service and making a difference. For the past six months, she has served on the Youth Giving Committee, where her passion for supporting local causes and empowering fellow young people shines brightly.

As a proud member of the Youth Giving Committee, Madison wholeheartedly embraces opportunities to organize fundraisers, volunteer at events, and brainstorm solutions for pressing community issues. She believes in the power of collective action and demonstrates that age is no barrier to effecting positive change. Madison finds immense reward in spreading kindness and lifting others up, knowing that each effort contributes to a stronger, more vibrant community for all.



Member at Large

Jessica has been an integral member of Farms Work Wonders for two years, dedicating herself to serving the community. Additionally, she has spent 1.5 years on the Youth Giving Committee, where she finds fulfillment in contributing to something greater than herself and supporting the wonderful community around her.

As part of the Youth Giving Committee, Jessica actively participates in donating time and funds to local organizations, as well as assisting individuals in the county to access educational opportunities. She takes great pride in her involvement, finding immense satisfaction in supporting the community and witnessing the positive impact of their collective efforts. Jessica’s dedication reflects her belief in the importance of giving back and nurturing the growth and well-being of those in her area.



Member at Large

Nahkita has been an active member of Farms Work Wonders for two years, channeling her passion for community service into meaningful initiatives. In her six months on the Youth Giving Committee, Nahkita has found a platform to make a real difference in her community. She cherishes the opportunity to not only contribute financially but also to utilize her voice and ideas alongside other motivated young individuals, fostering positive change and inspiration.

As part of the Youth Giving Committee, Nahkita has been involved in diverse and impactful projects, leveraging her creativity and dedication to drive meaningful outcomes. She embraces the rewarding journey of making a difference while honing valuable skills that will undoubtedly shape her future endeavors.


As a youth-run initiative dedicated to fostering civic engagement and supporting worthy causes, we’re inviting applications for financial support. Whether you’re working on community development projects, educational initiatives, environmental conservation efforts, or any other meaningful endeavor, we want to help make a difference.

Don’t miss this opportunity to secure funding for your important work! Apply now to be considered for financial support from the Youth Giving Committee and let’s make positive change together.

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